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Advanced Patterns in Psychotherapy

The programme provides a comprehensive and integrated learning pathway to advanced practice in psychotherapy. The programme is student directed and across the length of the programme, addresses the clinical, professional and interpersonal needs of the student group to reflect advanced practitioner status. The programme will include client casework from assessment through to endings, recognition of major psychopathologies, other psychotherapeutic approaches, indications and contraindications for psychotherapy.


Clinical Skills in NLP

Have you completed generic NLP Training and want to upgrade your skills to work with clients with clinical conditions? Are you working with clients with complex histories? Would you like to expand your skill range or refresh your former learning? Would you like to work towards UKCP accreditation? We are offering a series of programmes over 4 days that covers clinical aspects of NLP and Neurolinguistic Psychotherapy. Candidates have the option to attend all 4 days or individual days as a refresher of techniques.


The Pathway to Accreditation

As a Psychotherapist in the Hypnopsychotherapy College.
Hypno-psychotherapy originates in procedures and practices discovered and recorded over the last three hundred years. Increasing awareness of the pervasiveness and importance in human experience of what are now more appropriately described as ‘altered state phenomena’ has led to huge shifts in theoretical understanding, convergence with discoveries emerging from modern neuro-science, and much increased consistency in application. This has been accompanied by the creation of a substantial scientific literature.

Eco Coaching Therapy

This course will enable you to work creatively with your clients using the outside space.

Level 1 and Level 2 Courses.




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